Chiefs issue crime-prevention tips

Ontario’s police chiefs have launched an initiative designed to remind citizens about their personal responsibility in preventing crime.
The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) are behind the 2013 Crime Prevention Campaign, which includes a booklet with crime-prevention tips.
“Ontario police leaders and our officers believe that preventing a crime before it happens, rather than having to deal with the consequences of crime, is always the best way to keep our communities safe. Everyone has a role to play in stopping crimes from occurring,” said Deputy Chief Andrew Fletcher (Halton Regional Police Service), Chair of the OACP Crime Prevention Committee.
The campaign focuses on a broad range of crimes that impact citizens across the province: online fraud, identification theft and other cyber-crimes, auto theft, break-and-enters, etc.
“Police officers work hard with members of the community, crime prevention organizations, businesses, schools, and governments to promote crime prevention as a crime fighting solution,” said Fletcher. “This campaign is an invitation for everyone to join their police service in making our communities safe.”

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