Cab ride turns costly for fare

At the end of the day, a 24-year-old Barrie man might end up wishing he had just paid the cab fare.
Over the weekend, Barrie police responded to a 911 call from a cabbie who advised that he had been assaulted and his cab damaged. The incident reportedly began when the cabbie picked up a fair after midnight on Saturday, taking a male and female to their destination. Upon arriving, police say the male “was quite upset” by the lack of a debit machine in the cab.
The driver, say police, accommodated the couple by driving them to a debit machine. Once back at the residence, say police, an argument ensued between the couple over who should pay the fare. The cabbie, fed up by this time, police say, tells the two to get out of the cab.
Police say the female complies immediately, but the male becomes verbally abusive, leaves the cab but breaks a side window. He then, say police, “tries to pull the cab driver out of the taxi through the driver’s side window.”
The male, police say, leaves the scene but is arrested a short time later. He was held in custody until in a sober condition, say police, before being released with an April court date to answer assault and mischief charges.

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