Busted: no wine before it’s time

A Barrie male who went for an early-morning shopping trip for some booze ended up with a trip to the police station instead.
About 8:40 Saturday morning, the 50-year-old male went into a Byrne Drive grocery store and demanded that the wine shop be opened early so that he could make a purchase, police say. When the request didn’t meet with compliance, he left the store and was seen walking to his vehicle and driving away.
Staff called police.
A short time later the man returned to the parking lot, waiting for the wine store to open, police report. They located the man behind the wheel of his car. Determining that he had consumed alcohol, police demanded a breath sample, and the man subsequently failed the test.
He was arrested for over 80 milligrams and transported to the station to provide a breath sample, which showed 250 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, police report. He was released with a future court date.
• Employee faces theft charges.

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