Breaking curfew leads to arrest

Barrie police located and arrested a man wanted in connection with the riot that erupted in London in March.
Police went to a south-end Barrie address looking for the 22-year-old and spotted him walking across the street. He was subsequently taken into custody.
He had been charged with two counts of assault police and participate in riot. He was released with conditions, one of them being to abide by a curfew. A police check earlier this month led to the conclusion he was not abiding by the curfew and a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Arrested on the strength of the warrant, he was also charged with a second breach for not being in his residence. He was held pending a bail Hearing.

In other police news:

• A RIDE program Monday night resulted in a 26-year-old male being arrested and charged with Over 80 Mgs. His licence was suspended, his vehicle siezed, and he faces a future court date, say police.
• A 27-year-old male was arrested by police and held for a bail hearing after a female called police and said her boyfriend had choked her.
• Two Barrie sisters, 15 and 17, were apprehended by security at a Bayfield Street store on Sunday, suspected of shoplifting. Police were called and the arrest continued.

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