Booze and bills fuel domestic: police

A Barrie man received a strong reaction from his partner when he suggested a public street wasn’t the best place to drink alcohol, police report.
A couple, say police, was walking down a street when an argument began when the woman wanted to drink the alcohol they had with them. After getting a negative reaction from the man, the woman, police say, “swung a bottle at her boyfriend’s head and made contact … he ended up getting a cut to his right eye and was bleeding.”
They proceeded home whereupon the alcohol was consumed, say police. The man did not seek medical attention or call police at this point. Another argument ensued over money and bills and police say the woman became “verbally aggressive,” ordering the man to pay the bills or suffer physical harm.
He told her he was calling the police, and she left. She was arrested Wednesday and charged criminally with Assault with a weapon and Utter Threats.

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