Boaters rescued after fire on vessel

Emergency crews responded to a fire in a boat on Sunday near the Tiffin boat launch, police report.
At about 1:50 p.m., Barrie Police Marine 1 arrived at the scene and assisted the people off the vessel and out of the water where they had jumped in for safety, police report. Marine 1 used the fire pump to extinguish the fire as the two fire extinguishers the boaters had on board the vessel were used unsuccessfully to fully extinguish.
Investigation revealed the male was cooking within the cabin of his boat and he attempted to refuel his stove causing a fire to erupt, policer report. The boat was towed back to shore where it was assessed by Barrie Fire & Emergency Services. Ambulance personnel assessed the occupants of the boat however no injuries sustained.
The boat was inspected by Marine officers and it was found to be operating with all its safety equipment. The fire was determined be accidental.
The occupants of the boat, as well as witnesses, reacted appropriately and had the necessary equipment on board to ensure the fire was kept at bay until emergency services arrived, police report.
Boaters are reminded that all personal watercraft as well as sail and power boats require fire extinguishers aboard. More information on the requirements can be found in the Transport Canada- Safe Boaters Guide.


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