BMW, guns seized in grow-op bust

Barrie police seized pot plants, guns, hydroponic equipment, a BMW convertible and a couple of trucks after busting a marihuana grow-op network yesterday (Monday, Dec. 17).
Three males face a number of charges and police executed five search warrants as part of the investigation. The Barrie Police Service Street Crime Drug Unit worked with the department’s Tactical Support Unit and Intelligence Units, the Ontario Provincial Police and the South Simcoe Police Services.
Barrie police executed three warrants: at a grow-op in a Patterson Road commercial premise, at a Patterson road business, and at a Collier Street condo.
The OPP executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrant at a commercial building on Small Crescent in Hawkstone where a grow-op was reportedly located. As well, officers found evidence of a much larger grow-op being built at this location. South Simcoe Police Service executed a search warrant at a residence located on the 25th side road in Innisfil.
Three males are facing a total of 14 charges, ranging from production of marihuana, conspiracy to commit, unsafe storage of a firearm, possession for the purpose of trafficking marihuana and possession of marihuana. They have been identified as 21 year old male from Innisfil, a 37-year-old Barrie male and a 45-year-old Barrie man.
A total of 202 pot plants were seized, along with 1.5 pounds of dried and packaged marihuana, four riles, a large quantity of hydroponic grow-op equipment, as well as a loaded shotgun found under a bed. The estimated street value of the pot is $100,000. The BMW and trucks were also seized.
Police say the investigation is continuing and more arrests and anticipated.

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