Blocked driveway prompts 911 call

Barrie police continue to remind residents that 911 is for emergencies only, but apparently to little avail.
Police send out regular media updates on the misuse of the emergency line, detailing a variety of calls that take up response time. On Thursday, 911 operators dealt with 19 such calls, including one from a man irate that a plough had blocked the end of his driveway, causing him difficulty in getting out.
The operator informed the man his situation was not an emergency, and proceeded to give him the non-emergency line, but he hung up, say police. The Barrie Police Service non-emergency number is (705)725-7025.
Another call seemed to be a pocket dial; when the call was answered, the operator heard sounds of a baby and the pushing of buttons. When the operator called back, the father said he had given the phone to his baby to play with.
Another call came from a female concerned about her cat, which apparently had gotten its head stuck in a fence.
Use of 911 is for emergencies only, police remind residents, adding that officers respond to 911 calls, frivolous or not, and that takes up valuable police time that could be used elsewhere.

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