Barrie woman catches man in the ‘act’

Barrie police are seeking a male who, they say, was caught performing an indecent act.
Police responded to a call on Watson Drive early Friday morning about an unknown male who was seen masturbating. The incident occurred when a woman, 38, left her residence to have a cigarette. Hearing a noise between the two houses, she rounded the corner to investigate, and was startled to see a man masturbating, police say.
The man panicked and pushed the woman against the brick house, police report. The woman, frightened, turned to run at which point the unknown male threw a rock to the back of her head. He fled the scene.
The suspect is described as a male non-white, 5’5″, medium build, mid to late 30s. He was wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.
The woman suffered from a bump on the back of her head and some bruising to her arm. She did not require any medial assistance. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Barrie police or Crime Stoppers.

In other police news:

Man startles sleeping woman
Barrie police responded to a 911 call from a woman who feared someone was in her house and had been watching her while she slept, early Friday morning.
The woman, 40, said she woke, twice, to someone standing over her bed. She screamed, grabbed her 10 year-old-child and called police, who arrived on the scene and located a male nearby.
He was arrested and taken to the police station. The male, 30, told police he was new to the city and claimed to have “misunderstood the female earlier in the day, as he felt she wanted him to come over for the evening.”
He was charged with break and enter and criminal harassment and held pending a bail hearing.
• police find man urinating on the street

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