Barrie police officer hit with bear spray

A Barrie police officer was hit by bear spray from a man who was chasing another man along Dunlop Street, police report.
The officer was driving along Dunlop when he was flagged down by the man in pursuit of the other male. When he stopped, the man with the can attempted to spray the other male, but unfortunately for the officer, he got in the middle of it.
As police pieced together the back story of the incident, they discovered that a male/female couple, friends of the man with the bear spray, were allegedly being stocked by the woman’s ex. The situation was known to police as in May the man had been charged with criminal harassment and received bail conditions that included him staying out of Barrie and keeping away from the victims, police report.
On the day in question, Wednesday, the couple’s friend, the man with the bear spray, dropped by his friends’ residence and noticed “the male lurking in the yard,” police report. He gave chase, and the situation unfolded.
Police charged the man, 23, with weapons dangerous and breach of probation. A warrant has been issued for the other male, 39, for criminal harassment, and three counts of breach of recognizance.
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