Barrie police investigate bizarre accident

Police speculate that route to backyard started in mall parking lot

Barrie police continue to investigate a head-scratcher of an accident involving an elderly woman, a car crash and a house in flames.
On Thursday afternoon police responded to a call about a vehicle which ran run into the back of a house, causing both the house and car to burst into flames. When they arrived they found an 82-year-old female driver had been pulled out of the car by a citizen.
Still piecing it together, police believe the woman was in the north parking lot of the Georgian Mall, near Sears. It appears that the woman somehow drove off the retaining wall at the end of the lot, dropped as many as eight feet, after which the car motored along about 60 yards, before dropping another eight feet, police speculate.
Amazingly, the car may have continued along through a field for some some distance “before propelling over a fence and finally landing in the back of the residence,” say police.
Perhaps as surprising as the speculated route to the backyard was the fact the women came away from the ordeal with minor injuries.

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