Barrie police charge girls with theft

Barrie police picked up three girls for shoplifting from several Bayfield Street stores, Friday.
The girls, aged 12, 13, and 14, were followed by security from one of the businesses into the MacDonalds in the area. Police were called and the girls charged with possession of stolen property.
Stolen items were recovered and the girls face future court dates.

In other police news:

Youth charged with uttering threats
Barrie police charged a 16-year-old youth with uttering death threats and failing to comply with probation, following an alleged incident at a Barrie group home.
Police arrived after being called about a fight between two youths, one of whom fled before they got there. He reportedly fled to another group home and was heard stating he planned on returning to the other location to stab the other youth.
He was arrested and held for a bail hearing.
• Male passed out on the road
• Police aid paramedics 400-lb man

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