Barrie police auction moves online

A police auction has long been a reliable way of getting a good bicycle, or other item, at a good price. Now, those looking for such things can browse online as the Barrie Police Service is moving to a web-based service to auction unclaimed goods.
Police auction items seized in criminal investigations, as well as unclaimed property. Those items will be available for purchase through Police Auctions Canada, a website that operates similarly to eBay.
Moving to an online auction is expected to save the service storage space, money and time. The shift puts the service in line with other services moving online for such things.

“Previously, we would hold onto these items for up to a year, waiting for our annual auction,’’ says Property Unit Sergeant Linda Moorhouse. “Now, we can ship out these items every three or four months and not worry about the storage build up.’’

A link to the auction website will be posted on the service’s website once items are posted.

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