Barrie police arrest male in domestic

Barrie police report that a woman called 911 on Saturday night, reporting that her boyfriend had come to her apartment in an intoxicated state, assaulting her.
The male also accused the woman’s daughter, 10, of stealing his money. He reportedly struck the woman several times and also broke her cell phone.
However, she was able to get out of her apartment and called police. The boyfriend, 34, was charged with domestic assault and domestic mischief and held pending a bail hearing.

In other police news:

Man busted near skateboard park
Police arrested a male, 21, who was seen “conducting suspicious activity” near the skateboard park at Queen’s Park. He was found to have a quantity of marihuana on him. He was charged with possession of controlled drugs for the purpose of trafficking and held for a bail hearing.

Drunk fare arrives at police station
A Barrie cabbie drove to the police station with an intoxicated fare in the back, after it became apparent the fare had no money to pay his $60 tab. He also couldn’t tell anyone where he wanted to go. A 40-year-old male was charged with fraud transportation and intoxicated in public place. He was held until sober and released with a court date.

Ticket to ride to jail
A Barrie man, 64, found himself with more to think about than stolen wheels after he called police to report his bike had been stolen.
The man was at the Barrie library on Sunday when he reported the theft, police say. When they responded police discovered the man was wanted for missing a court date.
He was arrested and held pending a bail hearing. No word on the whereabouts of his bike.

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