Barrie man faces assault, drug charges

A wild ride for a Barrie woman on Saturday ended with her being treated at RVH for injuries, and her boyfriend facing numerous charges.
Barrie police responded to a call from a city residence about a male who had become enraged, believing his girlfriend was cheating on him. According to police, he grabbed his girlfriend and dragged her from the residence, put her in his vehicle and left. What followed, say police, was a ride during which “he continually assaulted the female.”
The woman eventually managed to get out of the vehicle and attempted to escape from the male, running through a field to do so. The male, say police, chased and when he caught up with her, tackled her, beating and choking her, before dragging her back to the car.
Police located the vehicle some time later and arrested the male for assault. He faces charges of assault, forcible confinement, choking and possession of a controlled substance, and was held pending a bail hearing.

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