Barrie man faces domestic assault charge

A Barrie man finds himself facing a domestic assault charge following an alleged altercation Sunday night.
Officers responded a call at a Barrie residence in regards to an alleged domestic disturbance, police report. When they arrived they discovered that a couple had been involved in an alleged physical altercation.
It’s alleged the male, 26, after arguing verbally grabbed the female and pushed her up against the wall. As the female attempted to break free of the struggle, the male then allegedly threw her to the ground and kicked her while wearing steel toe boots. The female was then picked up, police allege, the altercation continued towards the front porch of the house where it was alleged the female was pushed off the front stairs and kicked again when she fell to the ground,” police report.
Others at the residence, police say, got the male into a vehicle, which was observed by the K9 unit leaving the area. The vehicle was followed and later stopped where the male suspect was identified and subsequently arrested for assault, police report. He was held pending a bail hearing for one count of domestic assault.