Barrie man beaten with bat: police

A gathering of friends turned nasty when one of the group was beaten with a baseball bat by two others, police allege.
Barrie Police responded to a call for service regarding a group of friends who apparently got into a dispute. Police say the friends had been drinking, and the incident stemmed from “a difference of opinion.”
The injured male was transported to RVH for treatment of his injuries. Police arrested one suspect near the scene,and he was taken to the police station for further investigation. The male, 37, was eventually charged with Assault with a Weapon and Assault Causing Bodily Harm. The second suspect is still at large.

• In other police news:

A Barrie man is facing charges, including assault, stemming from a domestic incident Tuesday night, police say.
Police responded to a call at a Barrie address about a male having a domestic dispute with his former girlfriend. The male had left before police arrived but not before assaulting another male at the address, they say, adding that investigation revealed a prior assault for which the suspect was before the courts.
He had been released on an Undertaking not to communicate with the female. He was located by officers at short distance from the residence, arrested and transported to police headquarters. The male, 29, was charged with Breach of his Undertaking and Assault and held for a bail hearing.

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