Barrie man beaten, robbed

A Barrie man, 41, was assaulted and robbed while staying at a downtown hotel.
The victim was beaten and forced to withdraw money from his bank account. Also, his medication was stolen.
A Barrie man, 38, has been charge with numerous criminal offences, while another male, 39, was charged with theft.

In other police news:

Destination RVH
A Barrie woman too drunk to tell a cabbie where she resided ended up at the RVH.
The woman, 24, flagged down a cab on Bayfield Street. She could not communicate her destination to the driver due to her level of intoxication, police report.
The cabbie drove her to the police station where two officers had to support her as she could not walk or talk. An ambulance was called, along with her family, and she was transported to the hospital.
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