Barrie grow-op booby-trapped: police

Barrie police raided a residence on Coxmill Road and discovered a grow-op with 142 marihuana plants, cannabis resin and about $60,000 in cash.
One of the doors to the residence had been “booby-trapped,” say police, with the door knob directly connected to the electrical panel in the residence. The purpose for the measure remains unknown, whether it was meant to prevent the law from entering or others from stealing the drugs.
A 42-year-old man faces five related charges. Grow-ops, say police, are inherently dangerous and should be treated as such.

In other police news:

Cabbie charged in ‘phone’ assault
A cab driver has been charged with assault after allegedly striking a fare with her own telephone.
The driver, 34, arrived at a residence but soon realized he could not accommodate all the passengers, say police. He became angered that his time was being wasted, police report, and when an 18-year-old female flagged him down to say her phone had been left in the back of the cab, he tossed it out the window, striking her in the face and causing a chipped tooth and fat lip.
The driver was charged and released with a future court date.

Elderly driver charged
An 80-year-old Barrie driver has been charged with failing to yield to pedestrian in relation to an accident at the intersection of Bayfield and Hammer streets. Police say the pedestrian was treated at RVH for minor injuries.
• Infants treated at RVH for minor injuries
• Driver smashes into boater’s car
• Male doesn’t get ‘do-not-text’ message – charged with criminal harassment
• Police arrest and charge robbery suspect
• Police take girl, 15, into custody
• Police use pepper spray to subdue male, who faces assault police and other charges

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