Barrie cop witnesses road rage

An apparent loss of composure in an incident police termed ‘road rage’ led to charges against a 33-year-old Barrie woman.
The alleged incident played out in front of a Barrie police detective operating an unmarked police cruiser.
Tuesday, the officer was on Cundles Road East when he witnessed the woman become “enraged when another vehicle came into her lane.” She began, say police, to honk her horn and scream at the occupants of the other vehicle. The woman then reportedly pulled alongside the other vehicle, “causing oncoming traffic to take evasive action to avoid a collision,” police report.
Upon stopping at a red light, police say the woman left her vehicle, approached the other, leaving her door wide open, and “began pounding on the other vehicle’s window.” Her three-year-old son was in her vehicle, police say.
She was charged with careless driving.

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