Alleged chicken thief takes off

A Barrie man allegedly took off with a roast chicken from a local grocery store, with security following in a cab, early Monday afternoon.
Police report that security at the store noticed a man leave without paying for a chicken and Red Bull he had in his possession. Security attempted to apprehend the suspect in the parking lot, but he managed to evade, police report.
The security guard hailed a cab, police report, and followed the alleged chicken thief. While in the cab, the guard updated police as to the suspect’s whereabouts. Police attended and when the suspect noticed them, he allegedly dropped the chicken and the Red Bull, and continued to run.
He was subsequently caught and arrested. It was discovered he is currently on a probation order with a condition not to attend any store located in a mall. The breach along with the charges of theft and possession of stolen property found the man facing a bail hearing Tuesday morning.