Alarm sounds at downtown Barrie bar

Closing time in downtown Barrie Sunday morning brought out the usual round of drunken rowdiness and mischief making.
Police report that several disturbances broke out at closing time in the downtown area. One prankster pulled the fire alarm at a bar, and several disturbances occurred outside this premise between intoxicated parties.
Another large disturbance broke out at another downtown bar, police report. Several drunken parties were arrested as a result. Five males ranging from 20 to 22 were arrested for Intoxicated in a public place. A 28-year-old male was also charged with
ringing a false fire alarm.
All parties were held until they were sober enough to be released.

In other police news:

A fight broke out at a local pizza joint, Saturday night, between two groups of combatants.
Tensions flared to the point where one participant took a punch from another. The group then spilled out into the parking lot where a vehicle was damaged, police report.
The suspect then fled the area in his vehicle, along with his friends. Witnesses provided police with a description of the suspect and his vehicle.
The suspect was located at his residence. A male, 39, was arrested and charged with Assault and Mischief. He was released from the station with a future court date.
• Police subdue man who punched woman
• Vehicle pulled over, drugs found
• Probation breached
• Woman charged with assault

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