Woman’s trip includes police lodgings

A long and winding journey for a female on Thursday night ended with a sleepover at the Barrie police station and a trip home to Sudbury.
Police took a 911 call about a female that had just been assaulted in the area of Mapleview Drive and Barrie View Drive. The female caller advised that a second female that had assaulted her had fled the scene in an intoxicated state.
A short time after officers had arrived at the scene to investigate the matter, two males arrived at the police station with a very intoxicated female in the rear seat. They told police the female had jumped into their car at the location of the alleged assault. They believed the female needed help, but now just wished her removed from the vehicle.
Officers went out to the parking lot of the station and found the woman in the car. She was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place, lodged for her own protection until family could arrive from Sudbury and take her home.
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