Wilkins’ police roundup

Police on the lookout for St. Vincent Street bridge ‘runners’

Folks living and driving near the St. Vincent Street bridge are upset that some motorists are not taking the red signal seriously, peeling through the light in some cases and causing some near misses.
The bridge is under construction, forcing drivers to exhibit patience some may not possess.
But police say drivers who try to run the traffic signal cause even longer delays. Just because traffic is only moving in one direction is no reason to endanger lives by trying to rush things.
Accordingly, police say they will be conducting zero-tolerance enforcement at this location.

Two housing missing tools

Someone was a little too handy Monday for Barrie Police.
A house on Tiffin Street was fleeced of chainsaws! Police said there was a break-in at the house, and someone made off with 10 chainsaws valued collectively at about $4,000.
A short time later, police reported another break-in at a trailer on Wismer Street, near Ferndale and Livingstone, from which about $5,000 worth of various power tools were lifted.
Please help, if you know anything about this, by calling Barrie Police at 725-7025 or Crime Stoppers.

Too much to drink

Officers were called Monday night around 8:30 to a Bayfield Street location, along with ambulance crews, amid reports there was a man wandering around the place with an unknown medical condition.
The 40-year-old man was found to be self-medicating with booze, and had to be taken into the station to keep him safe. He was arrested for public intoxication and held till he sobered up.

by Glenn Wilkins

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