Turkeys go wild in Barrie

“All of a sudden they turn and come at my car and start pecking (at it) … almost like saying, ‘hey get out of the car and let’s go.’” – Coun. John Brassard

So, what’s all the fuss about, Ward 7 Coun. John Brassard asked of the media attention he and some foul-feathered ‘acquaintances’ have been garnering.
What can we say, John – it’s a turkey shoot. The media loves a story that lands in its lap with the legs to take flight, even if it’s only for a short distance. And despite what Arthur Carlson might have said, this turkey can, apparently, fly.
Brassard was referring to the barrage of media calls for interviews following his comments at Monday night’s general committee, about aggressive wild turkeys attacking his car. That set off a round of good-natured ribbing and one-liners about the foul-tempered gobblers and their pecking ways.
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdmyZgq4dJ0 Ward 7 Coun. John Brassard shot this video of wild turkeys on the streets of Barrie. Funny as the story may seem, the birds represent traffic and safety concerns, he said

If nothing else, it’s given Brassard a new spin on the old Carlson (of WKRP fame) line about a turkey’s ability to fly. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys were passive,” said Brassard, who may be in one of those 15-minutes-of-fame moments.
He’ll be recounting the tale of the terrorizing turkeys tomorrow (Friday) on CBC Radio, scheduled for 6:10 a.m. Thursday morning he was interviewed on Sirius Satellite Radio. The calls keep coming. Friday morning, following the CBC interview, he has a chat lined up with Tara Dawn of B101, just after 8 a.m.
“It has turned into a cute little story,” he said.
It was actually Ward 10 Coun. Alex Nutall who made the story public. Brassard said he mentioned it to his council colleague before Monday’s meeting, at the end of which Nutall raised it as an enquiry, presumably to find out what could be done to deal with the gallivanting gobblers.
Relating his encounter with the turkeys, Brassard said he was off to a breakfast meeting with Howie Campbell, president of the Barrie Colts, but as he was leaving home the brooding birds blocked his path.
“All of a sudden they turn and come at my car and start pecking (at it) … almost like saying, ‘hey get out of the car and let’s go.’”
There is a serious side to the story, said Brassard, involving traffic and safety concerns. The birds are chasing people, especially in the area of Coxmill Road, by the bridge, and traffic is stopped until they move out of the way.
“They are chasing people back into their cars and causing traffic problems.”
Want evidence? Brassard has it on video. As he was driving, he came across a woman trying to move some birds off the road. He got out his video camera and began shooting.
“This is what is happening on daily basis … usually at dusk.”
City staff, he said, is considering ways to reduce the turkey threat. Brassard said staff, with an attachment, sent out an email: a guide to interaction between turkeys and people.
“It has become a bit of a media frenzy (and) people are finding it an amusing story. But something still needs to be done about these turkeys.”
Just wondering: are wild turkeys endangered and can they fly?

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