Traffic-calming project deferred

Barrie residents hopeful that permanent traffic-calming measures will be coming to the streets of the city will have to wait until after the municipal election to see what shape they will take.
In a memorandum to city council, Wendell McArthur, director of engineering, said the Traffic Calming Pilot Report would be deferred until after a new council takes office to give staff time to explore “other municipal experiences” and seek further advice relating to the successful implementation of a traffic-calming project.
“This is an important community issue and it is felt that the new council should approve the traffic-calming policy and the implementation procedures since (it) will be dealing with these traffic issues for the next four years.”
In the memo, McArthur continues that staff will propose a traffic-calming policy detailing proposed traffic-calming measures.
In a previous City Scene Barrie story, Ward 7 councillor John Brassard said complaints about traffic are among the more frequent comments he hears from residents. He said when he first approached staff about implementing traffic-calming measures, there was little enthusiasm for such a project.
Concerns included how the measures, such as speed bumps, would impact snow removal.
It was determined the best way to go about it was to implement a traffic-calming pilot project. On March 5, 2007, Brassard introduced a motion “that basically gave city staff the go ahead to initiate a pilot project.”
Brassard said he was disappointed the report is being deferred until after the election, but understands the reason for it.
“It’s a fairly comprehensive and somewhat complex policy that (the current council) can’t really make a decision on, because it will commit more dollars than we are able to at this point,” he told City Scene Barrie.
Regardless of which council deals with the issue, it’s likely permanent traffic-calming measures won’t be seen until late spring or early summer 2011, he added.

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