Too much grass INSIDE the house

‘Tis the season, it seems, for grow-op busts, and Barrie Police shut down yet another such operation on Saturday afternoon.
An ordinary house on Cartwright Drive near Livingstone and Bayfield was the scene where police officers concluded a five-week probe.
The street value of the seizure was an estimated $1.5 million, not to mention the $50,000 in growing equipment picked up in the raid, or the two vehicles seized, with a total value of $20 grand.
The set-up, police say, was an elaborate operation including a surveillance video camera that monitored the outside of the house.
Four persons from the GTA face a whack of drug charges, as well as theft charges involving the Hydro juice they used. They’ll be in court in December.

In other police news:

Drinking and smoking

One couple early Monday morning took domestic combat to a new level (or depth). Barrie Police responded to an area downtown where the two were going at it, after apparently consuming a tad too much alcohol.
Pretty soon, police say, voices got raised, cigarettes were lit and soon used as weapons, each partner trying to burn each other. Both sustained minor burns to the forehead. They were taken into custody, each charged with assault.

Drinking and walking

A chap parading around with too much liquid courage in his engine caused a worry for folks in the downtown core and for Barrie Police early Sunday evening.
The 33-year-old man was walking down the middle of Dunlop Street West, hollering at pedestrians and generally causing a disturbance. Officers from the High Action Enforcement Team (HEAT) took him off the road and into custody on a charge of public intoxication. He was soon afterwards released on a Provincial Offences Notice.

Overzealous gameboy

Somebody apparently can’t control his gaming habit, and faces charges as a result.
Barrie Police say a 15-year-old boy was caught on video trying to steal video games from the Wal-Mart on Bayfield Saturday, tried to run with his booty and had to be wrestled into giving them up.
He faces theft and drug charges, as well as two counts of breach of probation. He’ll be in court soon.

by Glenn Wilkins

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