Time-out solves nothing

An 18-year-old woman is in some hot water for her failure to cool down after a dispute with her roommate.
Police showed up Thursday at their digs, up near Georgian College, and talked to several soused neighbours, while one of the two combatants had fled the house to count to 10.
Her roommate, though, was not through with the fight; police say she got on the phone with her acquaintance and threatened to burn down her house – with her in it.
Police report she backed up her threats with “some nasty text messages.”
The young woman has been hit with two counts of uttering threats. She’ll have a court date, hopefully after she calms down.

Kid does dope on break

When police showed up Thursday at a city dwelling, officers thought they were looking for a missing teen. Instead, it turned into a drug bust.
You see, the 14-year-old boy and a few of his pals had reportedly skipped school for a few puffs of marijuana. He was arrested and charged accordingly, as was a 16-year-old mate of his. The younger kid was held for a bail hearing, the 16 year old will have a future court date.

Pinched some tunes

A Fort Erie man was arrested in Barrie Thursday on a shoplifting charge. Police say the man and his girlfriend, both 19, were observed at a Bayfield Street business, trying to lift CDs off the shelf without paying for them.
Both were arrested and charged with theft, and released with future court dates.

Two bad decisions!

Booze sometimes makes us dumb things. A 29-year-old woman found that out the other day, when she’d had a few too many, then changed her mind about calling a designated driver.
Police caught up her in the Essa Road-Anne Street area a short time later, and took her to the station, where she refused to take a breath test. She was charged accordingly, as well as facing impaired driving and drug possession counts.
Away went her car and her licence for several days, and she spent several hours in the cells.

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