Thieves target shoppers

It’s the season for Santa. But beware, it’s also the season for scrooges and grinches – especially when it comes to laying claim to presents not bought and paid for.
Police are reporting a rash of thefts from vehicles containing Christmas presents and other trinkets of the season, particularly in the north end of the city. Loss of goods and damage to vehicles is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.
Victims have told police they have left purchases in plain sight, in front and back seats, before continuing with their shopping. The culprits are obviously cruising lots for easy marks, smashing windows and grabbing the goods.
Police say they do not have any witnesses, suspects or video surveillance. To avoid having a damper put on the season, police have offered the following tips:
• Do not leave your valuables in plain view. Place them in the trunk of your car or cover with a blanket. Thieves will usually by pass your vehicle if they do not see anything of value rather than risk drawing attention.
• Always lock your vehicle no matter how short your visit will be.
• Keep all windows completely rolled up.
• Park your vehicle in a well-lit area in the event that you return when it is dark.
• Keep your registration certificate and proof of insurance on you and not in the glove department. It is also a good idea to remove your GPS and garage door opener. If thieves do get into your vehicle, now they know where you live and have complete access to your home.
If any citizen has information on these crimes please contact Barrie Police Service at 725-7025. For more police news, click here.

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