Talk is Free Theatre takes The Curious Voyage to Toronto

Barrie’s Talk is Free Theatre is taking its production of The Curious Voyage to Toronto in the spring of 2020.
The planned trip “comes on the heels of a triumphant premiere in London, UK,” says the theatre. The Toronto experience will feature “two-day and one-day experience options created especially and uniquely for each individual patron, whereby who they are or what they each bring to the journey will influence” the artistic outcome.
“It happened! We nurtured a seed of an idea for The Curious Voyage, into the remarkable success and extraordinary reviews we’ve achieved in London. I’m thrilled we will be transferring the experience and redeveloping it specifically for Toronto,” says Arkady Spivak, TIFT’s artistic producer.
“Building on my concept, the successful site-specific practice of director Mitchell Cushman and the audience-specific work of creator and director Daniele Bartolini, along with some of the best and most reputed Canadian and British artists, we’ve created an immersive theatrical experience on a scale truly not seen before.”
The production allows each patron to be a “protagonist in the story they are watching, rather than fulfilling the traditional functions of passive observers. Each patron ventures on the journey through many selected sites, beginning in Barrie, starting on their own, only gradually becoming part of a group.
“They interact with strangers without knowing who is who – their fellow patron, an actor or a regular civilian totally unaware they are even part of this experiment. Eventually, patrons are led to a mystery site-specific location to watch a secret musical, complete with a stellar Canadian cast,” TIFT explains in a release.