Swim advisories remain in place for Centennial and Tyndale beaches – don’t feed the fowl, says the health unit

Swim advisories remain in place for Centennial and Tyndale beaches, based on water samples taking on Monday.
The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has recommended the advisories remain in place, and that swim advisory signs remain posted. Samples are expected to be taken again early Thursday morning, weather permitting, according to the City.
According to Christina Wieder, manager of the unit’s safe water program, Centennial Beach has had an extremely wet week.
“Most of the samples have been taken within 24 hours of rain or during rain events. Waterfowl can also increase the E.coli levels in the water. Visitors to beaches should be reminded not to feed the ducks, geese and seagulls, as they will make the beach their home.” 
According to the health unit, water quality can change daily or even hourly depending on the weather and other conditions. Swimmers are encouraged to make smart decisions about beach-water quality before swimming.
Water quality at designated public beaches is tested regularly for bacteria. However, due to the delay in receiving lab results, beachgoers cannot rely on only lab results to know if it is safe to swim. Swimmers are advised to consider a number of factors before going in the water, such as rain, wind, the presence of waterfowl, wet sand and shallow water.