Students’ sign-design challenge winners installed near participating schools

Portage View Public School sign-design challenge winner
Steele Street Public School sign-design challenge winner

Road signs created by Barrie elementary students as part of the 2019 sign design challenge are currently adorning streets near the participating schools.
The challenge is a City initiative designed to make students more aware about traffic signage by creating their own signs. Grade 1 students from Portage View Public School and Grade 8 students from Steele Street Public School took part in the challenge.
 “The winning designs was determined by taking all of the submitted signage and posting them at the Operations Centre, where we asked staff in Roads, Parks and Fleet to place a vote for the design they felt best conveyed the message,” Dave Friary, director of roads, parks and fleet, informed council in a memo.
“All of the warning signs created excellent talking points for staff as we received some very original ideas. The winning design was presented back to the classrooms where we notified them that the signs will be installed … faculty of both Steele Street Public School and Portage View Public School thanked staff for the opportunity to provide a real world learning project.”
The Portage View design challenge was to create a warning sign that notified motorists of distracted pedestrians on the roadway ahead. The Steele Street challenge was to create a warning sign that notified motorists that people may be actively loading/unloading passengers into the travel lane of the roadway.
The winning design from Portage View can be seen on Letitia Street, just west of Anne Street, and at Frost Trail. The winning design for Steele Street can be seen on Steele Street, near Cook Street, and between Duckworth and Rodney Streets.