City installs new water-use readers

Installers are moving through Barrie mounting new meters to track water consumption, part of the process of the City of Barrie assuming full “responsibility for water-meter reading and water and wastewater billing,” according to a city press release.
“These radio transmitter units will, in most cases, be added to existing water meters located on the exterior of homes and businesses with no charge to resident of business owner.”
The new units can be installed without the home or business owner being present. In some case, existing meters may need to be replaced, or otherwise adjusted, and if that is the case, the property owner will be contacted by the city to set up an appointment.
The meters are being installed as the city moves to take over reading and billing services from PowerStream, the city’s current provider. Presently, there are about 42,000 water meters throughout the city, and consumption is tracked manually. The new system, officially known as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), will automate the process through the use of the radio transmitters now being attached to properties.
The AMI system will read water-consumption information that’s gathered, which will then be authenticated before billing.
“This is an investment that will benefit residents and the City of Barrie for years to come. This improvement will allow residents to closely monitor their water usage and make changes to their habits, if necessary,” says Sandra Brunet, manager of Water Operations.
The city says the new meters will save on operational costs by ending the need to manually read meters, and will let property owners make consumption choices, because the new system provides hourly readings.
For more information, contact the Water Operations Department.

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