Site tends to women’s ‘social’ health

NEW networking site is catalyst to women’s social health offers connections for leisure, support or friendship

Research has found that spending time with a friend is just as important to our general health as jogging or working out at the gym. A free social networking site launched this month,, hopes to foster more female connections through shared activities and interests, increase support networks and improve women’s overall social health.
“My idea was to create a site that would connect like-minded women without the barriers of judgement, finances or commitment,” said Maggi Olson, founder of”
The site’s founder knows about being the new girl on the block – she is a single parent, has had three marriages, has moved 18 times and has had 13 career changes.
“It was those nurturing, fun and supportive friendships which allowed me to heal and move forward through my struggles. This site is a gift to any other women who may be experiencing loneliness, change or transition.”
Research suggests that in order to thrive in a modern society, it is vital to have a variety of connections.
“We are gravitating to urban centres, living farther from family and have no time. All of a sudden one can look up and realize we are very much alone. This site puts no pressure to form friendships beyond a leisurely activity, but offers every opportunity to build life-long supportive relationships.”
The term ‘Social Health’ refers to the decades of research which shows the importance of primary relationships in both psychological and physiological well being. Emotional connection gained through relationships has been documented to lower blood pressure, eliminate isolation, loneliness, and the resultant anxiety or depression, which can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.
“Social health is connected to other things too, such as confidence, happiness, creativity,” said Olson. “Just imagine the opportunities that open up for women who can walk down the street and have more access to these things – it could mean a better job, happier family life, more engagement with her community. The benefits are tenfold.” is running their ‘My Sociable City’ promotion until Dec. 31 in order to build membership and gain insight into the social needs of females in Canada.
“We are interested to see the response and learn more about the needs women have. The larger the membership, the more choices available for connecting and the more successful the site will be. And it’s free!”

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