Shear Park features new inclusive playground

Shear Park has a new inclusive playground, just in time for summer vacation. The playground has been completely redesigned thanks in part to the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund.
The new inclusive playground features paved walkway routes from the parking lot to an elevated ramp leading onto the playground, which is surfaced with accessible engineered wood fiber. New concrete edging with curb depressions allows for access into the play area at multiple locations.
The play equipment selected exceeds the Canadian Standards Association accessible criteria, including both elevated and ground level play components. The park has also been updated with new landscaping, as well as a half-basketball court.
Since 2014, the City has also redeveloped accessible Community playgrounds at Sunnidale, Lampman Lane, Ferndale, and Holly Park. Shear Park is located at the corner of Innisfil and Holgate streets.
The City of Barrie has more than 300 hectares of park space. For a list of all parks in Barrie, visit


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