Seniors can ride Barrie Transit buses for free on Thursdays

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Barrie seniors will be able to ride the buses free of charge on Thursday, and will also see a reduction in what they pay for a monthly transit pass, from $56.50 to $52.
Seniors will also be able to park for free at the Southshore Community Centre during specific events, such as service club meetings and volunteer appreciation gatherings. The changes were adopted during Monday’s city council meeting.
So, what constitutes a senior in Barrie? If you are 65 and older, then you are deemed a senior in these parts.
Council also received a survey conducted by Barrie Transit on how often local seniors ride the buses. Surveys were conducted during June and early July; in June, seniors rode the buses free for the month.
When asked if they had used Barrie Transit from June, 2018 through this past June, 54.84 per cent of respondents said they had, while 45.16 per cent said they had not. Nearly 70 per cent said they used the system to do some shopping.
When asked what option would be best to give seniors the opportunity to try the system for free and gain comfort with it, nearly 55 per cent said free rides one day a week would do the trick.
Seniors aren’t the only group Barrie Transit is trying to convince to ride the buses. Last month council adopted a motion allowing elementary school students in Barrie to continue using a field trip pass.