Second shift for snow removal improves response times, lowers overtime costs: City

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A trial project launched in November and geared towards improving snow removal services for residential routes will benefit the city and its residents in better response times and lower overtime costs, according to a municipal release.
“By adding a second shift, the City will benefit from efficiencies in reduced overtime costs and better response times to snow storms. The added shift also means when winter maintenance is not required, road maintenance (e.g. filling potholes) can be done overnight instead of during peak travel times,” says the release.
Here are some winter maintenance reminders in Barrie:

Plowing of City roads
The priority is the main roads – those with the most traffic in the city. These roads are serviced when at least five cm of snow has fallen. The secondary (residential) routes are plowed when there is at least eight cm of snow. The goal is to have most routes plowed 12–24 hours after the end of a snow event. With Barrie’s Plow Tracker, you can track the progress of the road plows and see when your street was last serviced. A reminder – plows can’t avoid leaving snow at the bottom of driveways because they can’t lift the blades in between driveways.

Sidewalk plowing
Sidewalk plowing is done on main sidewalks when five cm of snow falls and on residential sidewalks when there’s eight cm of snow. If you see a sidewalk plow driving on the road, there’s a good reason – they’re travelling to their next destination for plowing because it’s faster than travelling on the sidewalk. 

Parking restrictions
A reminder that on-street parking is not permitted on city streets from 12:01–7 a.m. and 3–6 a.m. within the Downtown Business Improvement Area, from Dec. 1 through March 31. This ensures that the streets can be completely cleared and that large emergency vehicles can get down the street.

Waste collection
Shovel out a small area at the bottom of your driveway for your garbage, recycling boxes and green bin, as far from the road as possible without blocking the sidewalk. Do not place them on top of the snow bank.
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