Residents taking concerns about safe injection site to building committee

Residents living near the David Busby Street Centre on Mulcaster Street are scheduled to have an open delegation before the city building committee Tuesday night to raise what they say are noise and behaviour concerns, which they worry will be worsened by the proposed introduction of a safe injection site.
The concerns are stated in a petition said to be signed by 56 residents.
“We are the downtown residents and property owners surrounding the building in which the (centre) is located. We understand that a safe injection site is under consideration to be located immediately next door to the (centre),” reads the petition.
It continues that the residents believe “the addition of the (site) will only exacerbate the problems we are experiencing with the civility of the people who use the (centre’s) services. These problems have become insurmountable, dangerous and threatening to all of us, and need to be addressed immediately.”
The petition continues that for the residents the “situation has become disabling and debilitating, affecting our reasonable right to live safely and peaceably. It goes on to say that the “emotional and mental health” of residents “are at risk.”
The petition lays out a list of noise and behaviour concerns, and also “proposed solutions for working together to create a safer neighbourhood.” Centre and municipal representatives were contacted for comment. Ward 2 Coun. Keenan Aylwin indicated he preferred to wait until he heard what residents had to say at committee before commenting.