Report on requested zoning and OP amendments for four towers on Bradford expected in the fall

A developer is proposing to build four towers on Bradford Street. City planning staff are currently working through requested zoning and official plan amendments

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The City’s planning department continues to process requested zoning bylaw and official plan amendments to allow the construction of four residential towers on Bradford Street, according to a memo to the planning committee.
The towers would be 22, 38, 40, and 42 stories in height. The buildings are proposed to include about 1,900 residential units, ground floor commercial space, and the potential for 152 hotel suites as well as public corridors that will provide linkages from Bradford Street to Lakeshore Drive.
“The purpose of this memorandum is to advise members of planning committee of the public meeting regarding applications for (the amendments) submitted by Smart Centres on behalf of Barrie Lake Shore Developments (2714708 Ontario Inc. and Greenwin Barrie Inc.) for the properties known municipally as 51-75 Bradford Street & 20 Checkley Street,” reads the memo prepared by Celeste Kitsemetry, senior planner.
The site is about 3.5 hectares in size and located between Lakeshore Drive and Bradford Street, north of Bunker’s Creek and the Bunker’s Creek Ecopark.
A neighbourhood meeting held on Dec. 11 was attended by about 63 residents, the applicant, consultant team, Ward 2 Councillor Keenan Aylwin and planning staff. Comments included:
• Question about the viability of the hotel units, location, and details for the commercial uses
• Concern with height, design, and density of the proposal, including but not limited to, relationship with the existing neighbouring apartment buildings
• Concern about the increase in traffic, reduced parking standards, the size and location of site access points and general traffic safety
• Question about viability for residential rental tenure units at this location
• General comment regarding importance of preserving and mitigating the impacts of development on the Bunker’s Creek natural feature
• Timing and disturbances from construction activity.
The rezoning requests are currently subject to a detailed technical review, reads the memo. Primary planning and land use matters being considered include:
• City centre and urban growth centre targets and urban design considerations
• Transition and integration of the concept into the existing and approved neighbourhood developments
• Floodplain protections, preservation and buffering for the Bunker’s Creek feature
• Confirmation and mitigation (if needed) related to the previous land use (Barrie Tannery)
• Impacts of increased traffic and the location and effective operation of vehicular access for this site
• Justification for the requested changes to the official plan and the appropriateness of the site specific amendments to the zoning bylaw to accommodate the proposed development.
The requested amendments would impact existing conditions on height, parking, gross floor space, commercial space, setbacks, amenity area, and minimum dwelling unit floor area.
“Staff will continue to work with both the applicant and residents to address the feedback received through the public consultation process, as well as those comments raised through the technical analysis of these applications by staff and our agency partners,” reads the report.
“These items may require revisions or updates to the plans and reports submitted in support of these applications. A staff report to planning committee is anticipated to be brought forward in fall 2020 for the municipality to make a decision on the … amendment applications.”