Province paves way for roadwork

Queen’s Park is helping to pave the way for better traffic flow to and from Georgian College and the Royal Victoria Hospital, contributing $19 million to upgrade the Duckworth Street/Highway 400 interchange.
City officials joined MPP Aileen Carroll and other provincial representatives in announcing the funds, Tuesday morning. The project is estimated to cost $23.7 million, and the provincial contribution is significantly more than that originally offered by the province, $7.9 million.
The City balked at that amount and put the brakes to the project, requesting $19.2 million from the province. Apparently, the tactic worked.
The provincial funds are linked to Building Together, the province’s plan to renew Ontario’s network of roads, highways, bridges, public transit, schools, hospitals and other publicly funded infrastructure.
“Infrastructure projects like the Highway 400 and Duckworth Street interchange will improve traffic flow and help facilitate economic development in our community and the region,” said Barrie MPP Aileen Carroll.

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