Proposed townhouse development subject of public meeting

A rezoning is being requested to allow 78 back-to-back townhouse units to be developed on Edgehill Drive

A public meeting was held Monday night in council chambers regarding a rezoning request to permit the construction of a townhouse development on Edgehill Drive.
The application to rezone was  submitted by Innovative Planning Solutions Inc. on behalf of 1980168 Ontario Inc. for lands known municipally as 105, 107, 109, and 111 Edgehill Drive. The rezoning from Residential Single Detached Dwelling Second Density (R2) to Residential Multiple Dwelling Second Density with Special Provisions (RM2-[SP-XXX]) is being requested to allow 78 back-to-back townhouse units within five three-story buildings to be developed.
According to a memo to council regarding the public meeting, special provisions are requested to allow “the development of back-to-back townhouse units, a reduced front yard setback, an increase in maximum lot coverage, maximum gross floor area, building height, and density, a reduction in the number of required parking spaces, and the request to permit unconsolidated amenity space.”
A neighbourhood meeting was held on Sept. 5 with 15 members of the public attending. Matters of concern raised were:
• Traffic circulation and road capacity
• On-site parking capacity
• The health of the stream and its relocation|
• The capacity of local parks and schools.
City planning staff are currently working with the applicant and their consultants, with the primary planning and land use matters under consideration being:
• Proposed built form
• Site design and integration into the local neighbourhood
• Appropriateness of requested site specific amendments
• The health of the natural features and proposed mitigation measures.
In a presentation document from Innovative Planning Solutions, it was stated the development is:
• An appropriate location for high density development
• Has sufficient access to amenities and transportation infrastructure to support additional density
• Has existing variety of housing densities and types along Edgehill Drive
• Intensification along a collector road, as provided in the Official Plan
• One that optimizes the use of existing infrastructure to support growth in a compact and efficient form
• Consistent with Provincial Policy Statement, Growth Plan and City of Barrie’s Official Plan.
It’s expected that staff will have a report prepared for council in December.