Surprises slow Allandale restoration

Bones, asbestos and fire damage add up to probable delay of Allandale Train Station restoration phase

Unforeseen hurdles in the redevelopment of the Allandale Train Station will likely delay the completion of the current phase of the project, according to a memo to council from Wendell McArthur, director of engineering.
While phase 2A of the project is slated to be completed Aug. 31, three ‘surprises’ have led the contractor to advise the City that a request for an extension until Oct. 31 will be forthcoming by Sept. 2, relates McArthur.
The discovery of bones in a crawl space on July 4 and the ensuing investigation caused a project hiccup, leading to the City hiring an archaeologist to remove the remains, which had been determined to be more than 50 years old.
The bones were examined on July 25 and a report was forwarded to the City and the Registry of Cemeteries Office. A final review of the crawl space and a report is pending.
A second hurdle was encountered, also in the crawl space, in the form of asbestos-contaminated soil. As well, the archaeologist hired to handle the bones had to be trained in how to work in the crawl space.
Additional fire damage beneath the sub-floor and ceiling/wall spaces necessitated further restoration work.
Phase 2A involves restoration of the station’s exterior and some interior work. The rest of the work to the interior will be completed in phase 3A, pending the establishment of future programming, the memo states.
Updates and photos of the project can be found at Living/Projects and Construction on the City’s website.

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