Program lets city buskers get paid digitally

Residents being entertained by buskers in the downtown core now have the option of tossing some digital currency into the hat, as part of the Emerging Musicians Program.
The program features 15 local musicians animating downtown Barrie this summer.  The City of Barrie is partnering with the Downtown Barrie (BIA) and the Ontario Musicians Co-Operative (OMCI) on the program, which is an evolution of the former Street Performers Program and capitalizes on its successful record in launching musical careers. New this summer, audiences will have the option of tipping performers using digital currency.
The following musicians are performing throughout downtown Barrie during scheduled shifts from Tuesday to Sunday each week until September: Melina Hanke, Kasey Kohring, Brandon Pellatt, John Anderson, Madison Mueller, Karyssa Enick, Tori Hathaway, Sheldon Forget, Ian Haworth, Molly McNulty, David Fyffe, Emma Duffy, Amariah Faulkner, Kalliszta Zorgo, Alyssa Tess.
“The Emerging Musicians Program helps these local artists launch their careers while adding vibrancy and energy to downtown Barrie,” Karen Dubeau, Director of the Creative Economy, is quoted saying. “Working with our partners at the BIA and OMCI, the program provides the artists with increased marketing support and training that focuses on the music business, giving them a platform to showcase their talent and helping to set them up for future success.”
One of the challenges faced by street performers today is that many people only carry credit and debit cards, which can present barriers to audiences who want to tip performers. To reduce these barriers, the Emerging Musicians Program is partnering with local technology innovators on a pilot project that allows people to tip musicians digitally using the cryptocurrency PIVX. Those wishing to tip using PIVX can scan a QR code displayed on signs carried by each musician. For more information on PIVX including how to download and use their virtual wallet,
|“Connecting PIVX with the Emerging Musicians program offers the perfect opportunity to educate citizens about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while supporting local arts initiatives in our downtown,” Chad Ballantyne, Marketing and Community Manager of PIVX, is quoted saying. “The PIVX community is excited to see how this small integration could be a catalyst for transforming our downtown economy, helping citizens embrace this technology and further elevating Barrie as an innovative city.”
For more information about Barrie’s Emerging Musicians, visit