Prevent drain pain to bay: City

With summer slipping away into the sunset and temperatures of swimming pools dipping by the day, residents are being advised by the City to pay heed to new guidelines about draining the ponds of summer.
The guidelines are meant to minimize the impact on the environment of chemicals in pool water, such as chlorine/bromine, salt, and copper-based algaecides, which have proven to be harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms, according to a City release.
Water drained from backyard pools typically flow in the city’s storm sewers, and out to Kempenfelt Bay. Recommendations to minimize the environmental impact include draining pool water across your lawn to allow the lawn to absorb most of the discharge, thereby allowing “the chlorine to dissipate to the atmosphere before reaching a creek or Kempenfelt Bay.”
For those with salt water pools, draining directly into the sanitary sewer system through a sink or floor drain is suggested.
Check out the City’s website for more pool draining hints.

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