Police roundup

A place to sleep it off

A man denied entry to the Salvation Army shelter on Bayfield Street did find a place to sleep for the night, courtesy of the Barrie Police Service.
When the man was refused entry, because he was reportedly intoxicated, he became belligerent, police say. Staff called the law, and when officers responded they witnessed the man “endeavouring to walk down the street.”
Police were concerned for the health and safety of the male, they say, and arrested him “for his safety.” He was held until sober and then released.

Arrest ‘imminent’

Police say an arrest is imminent after an argument between two men turned from verbal to physical, resulting in one man being rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital for treatment.
About 2:30 Friday morning, as the downtown bars were clearing out, officers on patrol came across two males, both 30, who were engaged in a verbal dispute. It turned aggressive when one man pushed the other, causing him to strike his head on the pavement.
The one who pushed fled the scene, but police say they are aware of the suspect’s identity.

Wanted man picked up in Meaford

Barrie officers took a drive to Meaford to collect a 33-year-old male wanted for a ‘Christopher’s Law’ offence.
The male had been charged and convicted of Sexual Assault with a Weapon, and as a result was to attend the station within 15 days of release to provide an updated address.
He failed to show up within the designated time, and was subsequently in contravention of his condition.
The male was stopped by Meaford police for a traffic violation, and as a result arrested and returned to their station. Barrie police took a drive, and returned the male to Barrie’s jurisdiction to answer to the charges.

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