Police board welcomes new members

Council moves to fill boards and committees

Monday’s council and general committee meetings (two of them) are the first of the year for the new group, and on the agenda are appointments to various boards and committee, including the police and hydro boards.
Mayor Jeff Lehman and Ward 1 councillor Bonnie Ainsworth are being appointed to the Police Services Board for a term ending Nov. 30, 2012. A citizen representative, J. Dickie, will also serve on the board until Nov. 30, 2014.
The police board has five members. The mayor usually sits as a member, as does a councillor. The rest of the board is made up of a citizen representative (Dickie) and two provincial appointees; chairman Doug Jure and Don MacNeil, the provincial appointees, remain on the board.
Under the Police Services Act, the board is responsible for items like budgets, hiring of senior police management, and setting priorities. Operational matters are supposed to remain in the hands of the chief, although that hasn’t always been the case.
Former Mayor Dave Aspden got himself in hot water, and suspected, in 2007 for writing a letter in support of a city police officer facing disciplinary measures. He subsequently admitted to unintentional misconduct and violating the act’s code of conduct before returning to active duty on the board.
Expect the search for a new police headquarters and a discussion over surveillance cameras in the downtown core to be hot items for debate for this board.
All members of council, and former mayor Ross Archer, are being appointed to the board of Barrie Hydro Holdings Inc., of which the city is the sole shareholder. Previously, there were only five ‘directors’ on the board.
Appointments to city committees are also to be confirmed on Monday. There are:
• Community services committee: councillors Lynn Strachan (chair), Jennifer Robinson, Doug Shipley.
• Development services committee: councillors Barry Ward (chair), Brian Jackson, Peter Silveira.
• Finance and corporate services committee: councillor Michael Prowse (chair), Bonnie Ainsworth, Alex Nuttall, John Brassard.
• Transportation and economic development committee: councillors John Brassard (chair), Brian Jackson, Micheal Prowse.
Click here to view appointments to other boards and committees, including the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, the Downtown Barrie BIA, the Barrie Public Library Board, and Heritage Barrie.

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