Old bones found at Allandale are human

City of Barrie employs the services of archaeologist to determine more specific age and whether they are native or not

Human remains found at the Allandale Train Station that are more than 50 years old are no longer the focus of a police investigation. Instead, an archaeologist is being called in to further identify the old bones.
Workers digging in the sand foundation of what is believed to have been an old crawl space discovered the bones on Monday. Police were called in and closed the site of the discovery until the Coroner’s office had determined if the remains were human.
Following the confirmation that they are human the City is asking the Ministry of Consumer Services – Consumer Protection Branch Cemeteries Regulation Unit to get involved. The ministry will be asking the City to arrange for an archaeologist to investigate and report on the findings.
Anticipating that request, the City has retained the services of Amick Consultants Inc., licensed archaeologists whose job it will be to determine if the remains are native or not, and establish a more specific age.
Following the report, the cemeteries unit will require the City to follow up on its findings, likely to involve a proper burial.
Work is ongoing at the station to restore it to its past glory, and develop the Allandale village concept. The station lands have been in the news recently as the City moved to put adjacent lands back on the open market for development by the highest bidder.
As per established procedure, the bones will remain where they were found until the report is completed, and recommendations made are acted upon.
“The City will work with Amick to ensure all procedures with this matter are followed so that we can best determine their origin. In the meantime, work on the buildings will continue outside of this particular area which will be blocked off so this archaeological work can continue,” said Graeme King, senior project engineer, City of Barrie.

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