NASCAR wannabe busted

police roundup by Glenn Wilkins

NASCAR wannabe busted

A 25-year-old Barrie man has a lot of explaining to do. He was clocked along Mapleview Drive Wednesday at 118 km/hour. Trouble was, the speed limit was only 60 km/h.
Officers caught up with him soon after and charged him with stunt driving. His car and licence were taken away for a week, and he’ll be in court soon.

In other police news:

Houdini wannabe?

A youngster actually had to have the cops called to get him out of handcuffs Wednesday.
The 11-year-old had found the cuffs outside his dwelling, and tried them on without knowing where the key was. Officers had to be summoned to get the bracelet loose from the kid.

Impaired Charge

Somebody imbibed to excess and tried to drive home. Police say he clipped another car on the way out of the pub’s parking lot. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) for him, OPP got his licence plate and Barrie officers pulled him over.
When he flunked the roadside test, the 34-year-old driver was brought into the station, where he blew twice the legal limit. His car was impounded, his licence suspended, and he was freed when sober with a future court date.

Depot Drug Bust

Street Crime and Drug Unit officers hauled in a mother and her son Wednesday at the Barrie Bus Terminal.
The woman, 44, and the son, 22, were found to have about five pounds of marijuana, and will face possession and trafficking charges.
The woman was held for a bail hearing while the young man was released with a further court date.

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