Morales seeks data on how a safe injection site would impact police services

Ward 9 councillor Sergio Morales

Shot down at council, Ward 9 councillor Sergio Morales has turned to the Barrie Police Service Board for information on the financial and operational implications of a safe injection site on police services.
The vote on whether to approve the site proposed for 90 Mulcaster Street was deferred until October during a July 4 council meeting. At that session Morales tabled an amendment that council ask the Barrie Police Service for a memo outlining the possible financial and operational implications if a site were to be approved and located in Barrie. 
“Unfortunately, that amendment failed a vote. Considering that Mayor Jeff Lehman made it clear that we should have all the information we need before the (site) recommendation comes back to (council) in the fall, and to not leave request for information to the last minute, I was surprised and shocked that the amendment failed,” he writes in a letter to the Police Service Board.
Continuing that he considers it to be “within my scope, and most importantly, within my duty to ask for such information,” Morales says he has contacted both Mayor Jeff Lehman and Chief Kimberly Greenwood, who encouraged him to direct his request to the board’s directors.
In his letter to the board, he writes “I am contacting you … with the request that (council) is provided with a memo outlining the possible financial and operational implications if a (site) were to be approved and located in the City of Barrie, by September 30th, 2019 at 4:30 p.m, so that we have it by the time” the matter returns to council.
Morales also seeks information on Barrie Police Service resources, operational and financial, “that have been allocated to opioid-related events, including but not related to overdoses, calls for service” at the Barrie Public Library, “businesses, and residential homes, and extra calls for service in neighbourhoods where a (site) is established, amongst others metrics” the board feels are relevant.
“Including metric information from enough years back before reported opioid-related events began to spike would assist us in quantifying the existing impact opioids are having on (police).”
Here’s a link to the councillor’s Facebook page where the letter is posted.