Memo to council outlines progress of infrastructure master plans

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For those interested in such things, the final drafts of Barrie’s Infrastructure Master Plans are available for viewing on the City’s website.
In a memo from Tom Reeve, senior infrastructure planning program coordinator, council is informed the plans are scheduled to come before general committee and council on May 6 and May 13. The plan is that questions or comments received will be collected and considered by staff prior to the May 6 meeting. 
Master plans, writes Reeve in the memo, are long-term visions that “integrate infrastructure requirements for existing and future land use with Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) planning principles. These plans examine an infrastructure system or groups of related projects in order to outline a framework for planning of subsequent projects.”
The infrastructure plans (there are six of them) foresee major infrastructure needs to 2041, when the population is expected to grow to 253,000 residents.
The plans are: Drainage Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Water Supply Master Plan, Water Storage and Distribution Master Plan, Wastewater Collection Master Plan, and the Wastewater Treatment Master Plan.
“Overall the Master Plans provide a strategic assessment of the City’s infrastructure needs going forward. They do not commit the City to expenditures or implementation of any particular project but are key inputs to the City’s capital plan. In most cases, further environmental assessments and engineering design is required to deliver the projects. These steps would include additional communication and consultation,” writes Reeve.
“The Master Plans provide key inputs to the Development Charge Background Study on which the City will base its development charges for the next 5 years. It is important for the Master Plans to outline realistic costs. This allows the City to collect sufficient funds to deliver the required projects.”
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